Road Trip with Fido 11 Tips for a Fun Trip

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Road Trip with Fido 11 Tips for a Fun Trip

by Dawn Arkin

Road trips are fun and exciting. Adventuring down the open highway can be a wonderful way to see the country and spend time with your family. Don't forget about Fido when it comes time for your trip. Your dog can enjoy a trip on the road if you take some thing into consideration before you leave.

1. If you plan on staying in hotels, be sure to call ahead and make sure they allow pets. Be sure to have reservations so there is no confusion. If you plan to rent an RV, make sure they allow pets inside their vehicles. Some rental places expect a cleaning deposit, so don't be surprised if the one you chose does.

2. Get your dog a pet identification tag. Have your dog's name, your name, and a phone number you can be reached at all hours of the day and night. If your dog is lost during your trip, he might not be able to find his way back to your location.

3. Have a pet first aid kit for your dog. Accidents do happen, and you should be prepared for them. Cuts, abrasions, even breaks are possible while you are on the road. And a veterinarian isn't always nearby. You can find pet first aid kits at pet stores and veterinarian offices.

4. Purchase a dog harness for car seats. This will keep your friend safe during the drive and from jumping around the vehicle. You can find these at any pet store and some veterinarian offices.

5. Make sure your pet is up-to-date on all his vaccines and tests. Ask your vet for a certificate of health just in case of an injury or accident involving your pet. Keep your vet's name and number with you as well.

6. If your dog is on medication, be sure to have enough for all of the time you'll be gone plus about 5 days. The extra is in case your trip has to go longer than you planned.

7. Have enough food and treats for the trip plus 5 days. You might not find your dog's favorite food while in another state or country.

8. Consider bringing bottled water for your pet to drink. Some states and countries put things in their water that might upset your dog's digestion. And a sick dog is no fun to deal with.

9. Bring plastic bags for picking up after your dog. Sandwich bags work great and are very inexpensive. Please be considerate to other people on your travels and don't let your dog's waste stay on the ground.

10. Keep your dog on a lease whenever you are out in public. Most states have lease laws and not everyone likes having a dog near them. You must have your dog under your control at all times during your trip.

11. If your dog isn't well trained, consider going to obedience classes. It will make your trip more enjoyable.

A road trip can be fun for all, including your furry friends. But taking a few things into consideration before you go, everyone will have a wonderful time.

Dawn Arkin is a writer and animal lover who enjoys spending time with her pets. This article has been submitted in affiliation with http://www.PetLovers.Com/ which is a site for Pet Forums.

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