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Royal Accessories for your Dog

by Gabriel J Adams

Dogs are definitely man?s best friend. It is very easy to see this today, because of the fabulous lives they lead. Who would not want to lie around all day, get scratched behind the ears, and eat all of the good food that humans get to eat on a daily basis? Not only do they get all of these wonderful things, but they also do not have to go to work, cook dinner, or clean the house. I would give anything to be a dog. If this was not bad enough, while visiting the mall I saw that dogs have quite a few accessories available to make their lives even better.

The only accessory that a dog had when I was growing up was a collar, if they were lucky. These collars were nothing fancy, usually just a piece of leather with a buckle on it to allow you to adjust it as the dog grew larger. Now I see collars in every shape, size, and color, and with all different kinds of decorations on them. I have seen collars with the dog?s name on them, collars with gemstones on them, and even collars that will play a song when the dog scratches them. These collars are ridiculous, but they are not even the most outrageous extravagance that has been created for dogs lately.

Now a dog has the luxury of sleeping in a nice and soft bed. When I was a child our dog slept on our cold, hard tile, and she liked it just fine. Our dog now has a big fluffy denim bed that is more comfortable than the bed I sleep on. Dogs also have many different types of clothes for them to wear. My dog wears a sweater and actually has a jacket that she wears in the winter so she does not get cold. Whatever happened to dogs growing their winter coat so that they would not get cold? The warm clothes are bad enough, but now dogs have dresses, Halloween costumes, and even feather boas. What is this world coming to? I am not sure, but as long as my wife and others like her are shopping for dog accessories, I am sure that manufacturers will not stop making them! Now if I could just get her to buy ME such nice luxuries...

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