Rules Were Made for Dogs To Follow

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Rules Were Made for Dogs To Follow

by Audrey Frederick

Why train your dog? The answer to that is simple, without training you and your precious bundle of fluff will soon be just existing or parting company.

Rules were made for dogs to follow. If you start training your puppy at an early age to understand that there are rules that need to be followed, you soon will have, a happy obedient puppy and a happy you. Puppies/dogs do not speak our language: they were not born with perfect human understanding. They have to be trained with patience, kindness and consideration.

It is important that you have patience and some knowledge of training. Your knowledge can come from books, training videos, going to training classes with your puppy/dog or hiring a trainer to teach you and your dog.

The important thing here is you have to "DO SOMETHING."

More precious puppies/dogs end up being given away; taken to an animal shelter or euthanized because their masters "cannot do anything with them." I cannot say this often enough, if you do not have the patience or the time to spend with your pet, DO NOT GET ONE.

A dog that grows up without training will become just what it is, a dog. A dog becomes a companion, when its master takes the time to train it. A trained dog is welcome everywhere. Elderly people and small children will not be afraid of a dog that knows its commands. As your dog's leader, your chest will burst with pride, when people compliment you on your dog's behavior.

Dogs lack language skills. It is really up to you to know your dog's body language. Be observant, watch how your dog reacts to certain things. If at all possible "think like a dog." I know this might sound silly, but watch your dog's eyes, watch its stance, certain muscles will be flinching and there will be a certain readiness for action when a dog (or cat) is thinking of doing something.

I know exactly what my cat Smokey is thinking, when MIss Tiger walks by and with a quick "NO" I can stop his plan to chase her. It is so important to get to really know your pet.

Bonding, when your pet is young is so important. Talking to your dog is essential. Be observant, take time to watch what your dog does. Be an interested party in your dog's life. So many people get a dog for other reasons than wanting a companion or a friend for life.

For some it is a novelty or a way to attract attention, the end result is that they have no real affection for the dog and eventually it is given away, taken to an animal shelter or left to fend for itself. There are many levels of training for a dog, but most of us just want a dog that is well-mannered and will obey some commands.

Obedience training classes are a great place to start. Many communities have classes that are either free or very reasonably priced. Many people think walking around in a circle saying "heel" is rather childish, but it gives you a chance to interact with your dog. You both get a chance to understand each other.

Believe it or not, most of your dog's training depends on you. Your patience, your attitude and your timing all are important factors in making the training process go smoothly. As I said before, dogs do not come with a complete understanding of the English language, so the more you understand your dog the easier the training will be. The truth is, the better trained you are, the better trained your dog will be.

Finding the right class and the right instructor may take some time. You need to find someone you are able to communicate with and who understands your dog and its breed. An instructor that thinks all dogs should behave in a certain way, is not the instructor for you. Every breed even the Heinz 57 varieties have certain characteristics that need to be addressed.

Every dog is different, just as people are. A dog needs to feel and be part of your family. Do not get a dog and expect it to stay in the garage or yard every day of its life. Dogs are pack animals, which means they need to part of a group, a family is a group. A dog needs a leader. That is you.

You need to use common sense when you go looking for a dog. Do not get a dog that needs a great deal of exercise, when you are a couch potato. Do your research, find a breed that fits your lifestyle. A large dog in a small apartment will not work. You cannot expect a male that has not been neutered or a female that has not been spayed to be a perfect roommate when mating season comes around.

Dogs cost money to feed and to take care of. Consider your budget before you embark on becoming a pet owner. Owning a pet is a responsibility, they are not throw-away-items. Be a conscientious pet owner, give of yourself, your time and mostly give your love.

Having a pet is like committing to a marriage. It should be a long term committment. Do not get a pet on a "spur of the moment decision." If you enjoyed this article please join me at Thank you, Audrey

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