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Safe Dog Toys

by Valerie Dancer

Safe dog toys are important at all times, but even more so for the new puppy in your life. Dog toys need to be safe, durable and fun. Many different factors determine whether a dog toy is safe or dangerous. Other points are the environment that your dog lives in, his size and activity levels.

Your dog or puppy will think that anything in his reach is a toy for him to play with, so have a spring clean and remove children?s toys, ribbons, string, elastic bands, coins, absolutely anything that he could get in his mouth and swallow. These are not safe dog toys. Dogs have even been known to swallow knitting needles, so get your imagination into overdrive.

Soft dog toys are fine for your dog to carry around, or play with in your company, but they are not a safe dog toy when by him self. If he eats all the stuffing it could cause intestinal problems. No soft toy can be though of as a safe dog toy because it can too easily be chew into small, or large, pieces and digested.

Safe dog toys have to be the right size for your dog. Give a big dog a small ball and you run the risk of it being swallowed, or even being lodged in the throat.

Safe toys do not want to have anything that your dog or puppy can remove and then swallow. Soft squeaky toys can be safe for quieter dogs, but only under supervision.

No toy with a squeaker buried in it could be classed as a safe dog toy, as the very noise can excite the dog, into a fury of determination to get at it and ?kill? it.

Safe dog toys are very hard rubber toys, and come in various shapes and sizes, to be ideal for your size dog. Rope toys are safe dog toys, but only if knotted at each end, but be sure to replace them as your dog will slowly destroy it.

Treat balls are a good safe dog toy, which you can fill with an appropriate dog treat. He will then spend hours rolling it around hopping that a treat will fall out. Other feed treat toys are not safe dog toys, as they are designed with a lever that needs to be pushed to receive the treat, this could injure his eyes.

Just Give A Little Thought To Safe Dog Toys For Your Dog

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