Secrets To Obedience Training Your Dog

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Secrets To Obedience Training Your Dog

by Danny Walton

Hazard control is a benefit, but it's hardly the biggest benefit of having an obedience trained dog.

The biggest benefit of having a well trained dog is that you and your dog can BOTH experience personal growth in your relationship, beyond what you could ever have imagined...

Say your dog is aggressive towards other dogs when it sees them on the streets, and you train your dog to curb its' aggression. That means you don't have to worry every time you take your dog out for a walk. Because of this he gets more exercise, so he will be happier and healthier, you will love your dog more because he doesn't frustrate you, and you'll have the dog you have always dreamed of having. You won't be embarrassed by your dog's aggressive behavior anymore because of the obedience training.

In order to get your dog to obey you, you must first understand the reasons behind why your dog behaves the way he does (meaning you must listen before you can expect him to listen to you). Then you must learn how to communicate to him what you want him to do and why. You must also establish yourself as the alpha dog or "pack leader".

So as you can imagine, if you understand your dog better, you can become the alpha dog quite quickly (sometimes it can take only a few minutes for your dog to get the picture!). But if you're only using instinctive scolding techniques to get what you want from your dog, it will take you months, and it may not happen at all - to get your dog to obey you.

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