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Self DefenseCanine Confrontations

by Jack Krohn

That was the article title in the Santa Fe New Mexican Friday morning February 9, 2006: "Canine Confrontations"

The story by Natalie Storey-no I am not making that up-goes like this in part. "When Kate Jewel takes her blue healer, Niki, for walks, they no longer go alone. Jewel, a trim 58 year old, carries pepper spray, a device that emits a high frequency sound to deter animals and a miniature stun gun.

"All of this to fight off dogs. After she and Niki were attacked by three other dogs on Nov 14on the Borrego Trail, Jewel has become terrified of other people's dogs.

"I love dogs. I can understand the joy of dogs wanting to run free. But people let their dogs run loose and they don't understand the consequences of their actions"

Well said Kate. The device she was referring to is the "Dog Chaser" which uses ultrasonic technology causing a high pitched sound audible to dogs only. This can be used up to 15 feet away. The pepper spray she referred is an EPA approved spray by Mace brand that cannot harm the dog.

Both can be used by delivery people, walkers, joggers, cyclists to prevent dogs from attacking in a humane way.

Every year 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs from a minor nip to a major attack according to the US Animal Humane Society. Countless others are victims of the terror experienced from a chasing dog. Now there is a way to stop dog attacks without injury to the dogs or you.

Chances are very good that you are reading this because in some way dog attacks have touched your life or you want to be proactive and protect yourself and family from the ravages and fear of dog attacks. That is the first step.

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