Send your Dog to Dog Obedience Training

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Send your Dog to Dog Obedience Training

by Mylar Skye

If you want your dog to listen to you and your commands there needs to be some form of dog obedience training. This will not only teach your dog what you mean when you tell him to sit, stay, or heel ? it will also establish who the boss is in the relationship of dog and dog owner. It is usually recommended that an entire family attend the training sessions as consistency in terminology and handling is the key to successful training.

A dog doesn?t need to be a certain age to attend dog obedience training but it is best to send them when they are still puppies (at least five months old) to teach them properly from the beginning. You have choices of private lessons, group lessons, or you can go it on your own with the back-up of a good reference source. Once you have started to train your dog, don?t stop. It is confusing to the dog and the sooner you finish the sooner you and your dog will know what to expect from one another.

There are approximately 16-20 phrases you will have to teach your dog to understand in dog obedience training. An important one to start with is heel. You are going to be doing a lot of walking with your dog and he or she needs to learn right from the beginning you are taking the dog for a walk not the other way around. ?Leave it? and ?stay? are two other important ones that should be taught in the beginning. Remember, you are the boss and your dog will follow a strong lead.

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