Shock Collar Training Is It Right to Use a Shock Collar and Dog Shock Training

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Shock Collar Training Is It Right to Use a Shock Collar and Dog Shock Training

by Ben Ehinger

Have you used a shock collar to train your dog ever wondered if you did the right thing or not? Does a shock collar train a dog or does it harm them? If you are thinking about trying to train your dog and are thinking about shock collar and dog shock training, then read on, please.

Experienced dog trainers will tell you that shock training is not the best method out there and definitely not the only method. What is there to gain from shock training? Basically you will gain a very unhappy and confused dog.

Dogs are suppose to bark. It is in their nature and a lot of times there is not much you can do about it. If you decide to use a shock collar to stop the barking, yes, it will work, but you will have to leave that collar on all the time. There is a better way and please find it.

Shock collar training is harmful to your dog?s psyche. It makes your dog think that barking is wrong. Barking is just like you or I talking, it is part of nature. I would be like taking away a cat?s meow. You will not be happy with the results you get from a shock color or from dog shock training.

If someone was to take away your freedom to be a human you would be upset, and this is exactly what happens to dogs that get trained with a shock collar. They become upset and it becomes harder to keep them potty trained and trained for other things.

Please think about what kind of damages you would be inflicting on your loving puppy before you attempt shock collar training. Please find it in your heart to find a better and less hurtful method of training for your puppy.

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