Should I Use a Head Halter With My Dog

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Should I Use a Head Halter With My Dog

by Ashley D Bigham

What to expect:
Many dog owners are trying out head halters as opposed to choke or pinch collars to control their large breed dogs. It?s similar in part to what is used to lead horses, and was adapted from such a device. The halter fits around the muzzle of your dog and snaps behind his head so that it doesn?t come off. The assumption when using a halter is that where your dog?s head goes, his body will follow. It could potentially make training easier then.

Your dog?s reaction:

Before actually using the halter as a training tool, simply put it on and allow your dog to get used to the idea for a while. When we first used one on my dog, she allowed it to be put on alright, but as soon as she had her freedom her paws were all over her face trying to get the strange device off. Let your dog adjust to the collar, but don?t let him take it off if he can manage that. Correct him if he tries too hardily to use his paws to claw the thing off his face. Eventually he calm down and accept that it?s there.

How the halter can help:
A dog with a head halter on is a dog easier to control. It?s a great equalizer for dog owners with very large dogs since the dog will not pull as much on a leash when in use. The halter can also be healthier for you dog if he?s a puller since collars can damage his windpipes with constant pulling and use. Even though the halter is not designed as a muzzle, in some dogs it can act as a deterrent for barking and aggression. With my dog, we?ve definitely noticed a difference. She?s much less vocal, and she walks much nicer because she doesn?t want to pull on her face.

Even though the halter is easy to use and doesn?t need much instruction, you still need to be very careful using it. You can cause serious neck injuries to your dog if you pull too hard on the leash. Giving that jerk of the leash can whip your dog?s head around toward you very quickly, causing damage. With the halter on you shouldn?t need to pull on the leash at all. Your dog will quickly learn from trial and error that his pulling results his head being turned away from the actual source of excitement. You should also not use the halter as your sole training device. You won?t teach your dog any responsibility for his own actions unless you continue teach him commands that he can follow. Use the head halter as a transitional tool only, not as a permanent walking device.

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