Should You Buy Sit Stay Fetch Or Hire A Professional Trainer

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Should You Buy Sit Stay Fetch Or Hire A Professional Trainer

by Bryan Gillis

When my wife and I used to run our doggie daycare facility, we were frequently asked by our customers for advice on the best methods of training their beloved animals. While we weren't professional trainers, we had enough experience and success in training our own dog, a Boxer named Riley, to make some basic recommendations.

First, you need to decide how in-depth a training process you're looking to undertake. Are you simply looking to potty train and get your dog to sit on command or are you looking to teach your dog advanced security commands and techniques. Also, are there any severe behavioral issues that need to be dealt with outside of normal things like excessive barking or whining.

If your dog's training needs are advanced, it's time to hire a professional trainer. Be sure to get references and ask questions before hiring just anyone to train your dog as I can assure you that not all dog trainers are created equal. You will also want to ask what their training methods are. Some trainers still use techniques that some people find cruel or inhumane. They work, but they are not necessary as there are many great trainers who utilize humane methods and have the same success rate.

If you are simply looking to teach your dog some basic tricks and provide behavioral structure, it can be extremely rewarding to do it yourself. Oh yeah, it also can save you a ton of money as dog trainers aren't cheap. There are several great books on dog training but a very popular one that seems to come up in every web search on the subject is Sit Stay Fetch by Daniel Stevens. We were asked about this book over and over again by our customers. We were able to provide our thumbs up on this book as it was one we had read and learned a ton from. We successfully used many of the techniques we learned on Riley as well as some of the dogs at the daycare who were never properly trained in the basics. The author provides well thought out information in an easy to understand way.

If you are considering training your dog, we definitely recommend you buy Sit Stay Fetch to maximize your efforts. But remember, if the dog has serious behavioral issues, it's time to seek professional help.

Bryan Gillis is the former owner, with his wife, of a successful doggie daycare facility and current owner of, a site dedicated to reviewing the web's best resources for training your dog or puppy.

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