Should You Get A New Dog For Christmas

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Should You Get A New Dog For Christmas

by Grant Carroll

It?s that time of year again. No, I?m not just talking about Christmas, although it is related to the holiday season. This is the time of year when parents across the country get the idea in their head that a new puppy is a perfect gift for the family. I?m not here to be Mr. Grinch and say that dogs should never be given as Christmas presents. What I am saying is that they should never be surprise presents. The reason why is because you?re talking about getting a living, feeling creature instead of some inanimate object. This new family member is going to require a level of commitment from all the family members, and this means that the entire family needs to have a meeting and discuss if getting a new dog is okay. The most important things to remember are that dogs require work, patience, and money.

If you think that getting a dog for Christmas is as simple as picking one up from the shelter or pet store on Christmas Eve and surprising the family the next morning, think again. Once you get the dog, you have to pay for food, collar and leash, pee pads (most likely), and dog clothes for outdoors if it?s a small dog. This will be fun at first, but once the little one?s bathroom accident for the tenth time, it isn?t so fun anymore. Also, someone will have to constantly walk the new dog, especially if it is a puppy. You might want to also consider the safety of your valuables, as well. Puppies often love to chew because of their growing teeth. My point is getting a dog for Christmas is an investment your whole family is making for the next ten to fifteen years. It should not be taken lightly because when it is puppies get dumped and end up dying on the streets. That?s the real crime that people commit.

It is important to add, however, that if your family does decide it?s ready for a dog, then there is no better gift you could give yourselves. When a dog is fully loved and cared for, it will return love and loyalty back to you tenfold. That?s what makes a dog a priceless gift.

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