Simple Tips for Solving Almost Any Dog Behavior Problem

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Simple Tips for Solving Almost Any Dog Behavior Problem

by M Bruno

Millions of dogs are dumped at dog shelters or abandoned due to an inability, or unwillingness of their owners to deal with dog behavior problems.

With a little education and some effort it simply doesn?t have to be this way. The vast majority of dog behavior problems can be solved with appropriate and humane dog behavior training.

Even the most frustrating and dangerous dog behavior issues such as dog aggression, dog biting and property destruction by dogs can be managed. The more severe and longer existing conditions should be referred to a qualified dog behavior expert such as a dog trainer for resolution.

It is important to keep in mind that dog behavior problems are not often solved in a day. Time and patience along with a commitment to your relationship with your dog is the first and most important ingredient in the recipe for fixing almost any dog behavior problems.

Some of the most common dog behavior problems are:
?Chewing on furniture, clothes and household objects
?Excessive Digging
?Separation Anxiety
?Relocation Anxiety
?Fear of Loud Noises
?Biting and mouthing by puppies
?Dog Aggression
?Food Aggression
?Submissive Urination
?Coprophagia or dog poop eating
?Excessive Licking

Whatever dog behavior issue challenges you and your dog there are experts who can help you and reading material to point you in the right direction.

Here?s a few tips to help you with common dog behavior issues

In many cases dogs will exhibit ?bad? behavior when they are bored and need exercise. So be sure to take your dog for a walk at least twice a d ay. Outings at the park for some run and play will also help to give your dog she absolutely must have to be healthy and happy. Be certain to ask your vet as to the right amount of exercise for your dog.

Dogs need to be socialized. Going for a walk in the neighborhood, meeting and greeting neighbor dogs is fun for you and your dog and I believe is a natural aspect of their pack mentality.

Keep control of the walk. Have your dog on a short leash if he is a puller and have him keep up with you. A nice brisk walk helps set boundaries and tells Sparky that you are the leader. A word of caution ?do not pull or do anything that could potentially hurt your dog in any way. If you can not achieve control of the walk, get a dog trainer to show you the proper technique.

Give your dog a job! If you are grabbing for the treat bag, have Sparky hunt for the treat, run for it or find it hidden under a toy. Nothing like little ?hunting? to make the day more fun!

Keep in mind that while your dog may be your baby, she is first and foremost a dog. She is going to react in the here and now and not in accord with your system of behavioral norms.

Find a qualified professional dog trainer or dog training help to get you past the issues that you just can?t manage alone. A little professional help can rapidly alleviate dog behavior issues that endless frustration and unwarranted dog scolding will never correct?it will only make things worse.

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