Simple Ways to Get Rid of Dog Urine Stain from the Carpet

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Simple Ways to Get Rid of Dog Urine Stain from the Carpet

by Michael Louis

There are only a few worse things in a proud home owner?s life than having to get rid of dog urine stain from the carpet. Dog urine stains are nasty things that may exist throughout eternity if you don?t take immediate action.


Your best defense against dog urine stains is preventing them from happening in the first place. Your new pet must be properly housebroken or trained in order to greatly minimize the chances of having your very expensive carpet ruined.

Among other things, the most important lessons you should impart on your pet is the need to obey house rules and that means no urinating on the carpet!

Dogs usually urinate some time after the meal. Knowing this, you can always lead your dog to the outside yard until he?s done with his business. When you make this into a habit, your dog ? being innately smart, like all his fellow canines are ? will surely get the picture.


Whichever dog cleaning product you end up choosing, this is usually the process that one makes use of when getting rid of ugly dog urine stains from the market:

If the stain is the result of combined urine and feces, make sure that you get rid of the solid waste first. Yes, it?s an icky task to accomplish but remember, a pet owner?s gotta do what a pet owner?s gotta do!

Vacuum the stained area to remove pet hair.

Whatever solution you choose to use, this is now the time to use them. You could either use a sponge, a brush or paper towels to apply the solution or dog cleaning product.


Use an enzyme inhibitor to get rid of the smell as well.


Detergent and Water ? Since they?re tried and tested against various fabric stains, people thought that they might do just as well in a fight against dog urine stains in the carpet. Guess what? They certainly can!

Toothpaste ? Besides cleaning enamel, toothpaste has also been commonly used by people to clean metal. Now, there?s yet another new way that toothpaste can make our lives easier: using it to get rid of dog urine stains. And yes, they really do work!

Peroxide ? In addition to letting brunettes have a taste of blond fun, peroxide can also help in getting rid of terrible dog urine stains on the carpet.


Try to correctly identify the level of damage caused by your pet?s urine and base your choice of dog cleaning product on what you?ve observed.

Carpets generally have pocket or porous areas that do not react well when a solution is applied. If a dog urine stain appears in one of these areas, the only thing you can do is take your carpet to a professional cleaning shop and let the experts do their job.

There are countless dog cleaning products that are out in the market. Be very careful about the choice you make; remember to consider not only the effectiveness of the product but take its biochemical formulation in account as well.

If and when your carpet is not properly protected or covered, you may have no other recourse left but to replace it when the stains appear irremovable.

Michael Louis is a dog lover with a passion for knowledge who enjoys sharing his dog cleaning care secrets. Did you find these dog odor tips useful? Learn to house train your dog at

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