Skin Conditions in Dogs

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Skin Conditions in Dogs

by Eric Hartwell

Like us humans, our pet dogs can sometimes be sensitive when it comes to their skin. At one point in their animal lives, dogs experience having skin related problems like allergies, rashes and diseases that can be very uncomfortable and quite often painful for them. As dog owners it is very important that you are keen to observe if your beloved pet is experiencing any skin problems so as to help alleviate the discomfort that he or she may be having. Our dogs cannot directly communicate with us to tell us what they are actually feeling or experiencing so it is but our responsibility as dog owners to be extra sensitive and observant with any change with regards to their actions and behavior. You don?t have to be alarmed or worried that much though if you do notice him experiencing skin related problems for most of these diseases are curable and will not develop into anything serious as long as you treat them early on.

Tell tale signs?

There are several signs that could tell us if our dogs are having skin problems. You may observe that your dog frequently scratches himself as well as chews and licks his skin to relieve any discomfort, uneasiness or pain that he may be experiencing. You may also notice him trying to rub himself on sharp edges on your wall or your furniture to help relieve the itch on hard to reach places.

Other skin conditions may not cause him uneasiness but may be visible with signs that include loss of hair, dry and dull coat, and patches on the skin where hair is shedding off. Quite often you may observe that he is losing more hair than what he or she normally sheds.

Other signs also include the presence of pus, rashes, or lumps and bumps on the surface or beneath the skin.

Possible causes?

The most common reason why pets get itch related problems is due to ticks and fleas (especially if they have allergies towards a flea?s saliva). There are several treatments for itchiness caused by these parasites which include a lime-sulfur solution for healing. These ticks and fleas are also carriers of tapeworm, ringworm and the like that could also lead to internal problems.

Other reasons may include hormonal changes that your dog may be experiencing that have caused such breakouts. Sometimes changes in the environment, a new dog diet, allergic reactions to medical prescriptions or even just a change in his dog shampoo or a new detergent used in washing his or her clothes and bed may result to skin problems.

A dog?s skin problems may include dermatitis, scabies, dandruff, abscesses, ringworm and even acne.

Consulting your pet doctor?

There are numerous herbal medicines that not only promote good health for your dog but are also very effective in treating dog skin related problems. It is still ideal though to visit your veterinarian when you observe your dog to be experiencing problems in order to have accurate diagnosis and correct prescription of medication to ensure speedy treatment.

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