Small Dog Clothes and Dog Dresses Summer Fashions for your Canine

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Small Dog Clothes and Dog Dresses Summer Fashions for your Canine

by Grant Carroll

Summer is here, and it?s time to celebrate with festive small dog clothes like t-shirts and dresses for your dog. With all the vacations, cookouts, BBQs and patriotic celebrations, your pooch can stand out from the canine crowd and bring a smile to everyone?s face. Most people see dog clothing as only a practical item to be used during cold weather. That may work for some owners, but for those who truly love to pamper their four-legged babies, even warm weather calls for looking cute. It?s important to be sensible with pet clothes, of course, since dogs and cats have their natural coat, but as long as it?s not too hot and uncomfortable, dressing up your dog in the summer can be very enjoyable.

A dog shirt or dress can be a cool piece of clothing even in the heat of summer and can even help protect certain breeds from sunburn. For example, a green or pink camouflage tank top will look great at any outdoor event, and it covers some sensitive areas for small, short-hair breeds. The Chinese Crested dog is one canine that has very little hair to protect it from the sun, so clothes are needed all year. If you have a short haired Chihuahua, for example, he or she may also benefit from the clothing coverage against UV rays. There are many dresses and gowns for all sorts of occasions so your little girl dog can look great wherever she goes. A big dog can enjoy a dress just as much as a tiny one, too, so don't feel left out if you have a Labrador. There are also dressy shirts for a boy or girl pooch so they can look fancy for a party. Dog clothes in the summer don?t have to be frivolous and can definitely be helpful.

Grant Carroll proud father of four dogs and co-owner of with adorable small dog clothes for your little breed babies. Come visit Little Pampered to find dog dresses for your little girl.

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