So What Are We Supposed to Feed Our Pets

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So What Are We Supposed to Feed Our Pets

by Bev Storer

It hit many cat and dog owners like a case of the flu. The most widely available and trusted cat and dog food brands, that we have been feeding our best friends, have allegedly been tainted with contaminated wheat gluten imported from China.

The recent pet food recall leaves scared and confused cat and dog parents looking for safe and healthy pet food options. With so much uncertainty and mistrust of the pet food industry, many are scrambling for information about food that is safe for their pet.

Start now and think about the following when searching for a quality food:

Immediately, replace any of your pet foods that contain wheat gluten. Investigators are currently focusing their suspicions on melamine -- a chemical found in plastics and pesticides -- that was allegedly found in the wheat gluten of the contaminated foods. Still, no one seems to know how, where or when the melamine got into the food. Until these important questions are answered, and our concerns are alleviated, its best to be safe and not purchase a food or treat that contains wheat gluten. Yes, some treats are made with wheat gluten, too.

Read the ingredients and learn to understand the fine print on your dog or cat food label. We suggest that you visit and learn about what?s in pet food and how to read a pet food label. You might be surprised, shocked and disgusted to learn that your precious furry friends are eating chemical preservatives, artificial flavors, nitrates, dyes, sugars, salts, corn, wheat, and by-products. Don?t be fooled by fancy bags which are designed to market inferior pet foods. The most important item for the health of your pet is the ingredient list and not the pictures displayed on the fancy packaging.

Consider switching to an alternative and more natural brand of food. Life?s Abundance Dog Food and Cat Food is one such brand. Information about Life's Abundance Dog Food can be found at

These are confusing and scary times for pet parents. It is however, a good opportunity for you as a consumer to become educated about pet foods and learn what you are feeding your pet. After all, your dog or cat depends on you to make the right and safe food choice for them.

Bev Storer writes about human and pet nutrition. For more information about healthy and safe pet foods, please visit or

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