Sojos Dog Food Review

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Sojos Dog Food Review

by Shelley Allen

Sojos European Style Dog Food Mix, was the first natural blend of dog food introduced to pet lovers by Sojos back in 1985. It was the first of its kind and is a wholesome pre-mix of grains, herbs, nuts and sea vegetables which when combined with fresh meat and vegetables creates your own fresh, nutritious, homemade pet food. The blend has now re-formulated to be wheat & corn free and with the added benefit of calcium for strong teeth and bones.

Sojos Dog Food Mix contains highly nutritional, natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes that your pet just can't get from a pre-cooked, processed pellet of kibble. Sojos Dog Food Mix has no artifical flavours or preservatives, so your pet gets only the best in all natural, human quality ingredients.

We sometimes forget in our fast, commercialized society that dogs digestive systems are actually meant for raw, unprocessed foods, and holistic vets have been recommending raw foods to clients, for their dogs for over 20 years. Kibbles and other types of dry dog foods have been cooked, processed and pelletized, which for the most part strips them of any health giving value, thus filling a hunger in your dog, but not actually assisting in maintaining their good health. Just like humans 'mans best friend' also needs to have a daily intake of digestible, usable vitamins and minerals to remain the playful, loving bundles of energy they are. This is why Sojos Dog Food Mix is made with a blend of simple, uncooked, all natural ingredients.

The objective Sojos strive for is to produce dog food as close as possible to what nature intended. That is without preservatives, artificial colors or flavors ? they only contain natural and wholesome, human-quality ingredients like steamed-rolled oats, ground pecans, and carob powder. In addition, there are no fillers in Sojos Dog Food, so you're dog is more satisfied on lesser amounts whilst maintaining the necessary nutrition required to keep him happy and healthy. This is good for your shopping bill, as it means you are able to purchase less Sojos Dog Food than your regular canned or dry variety as the Sojos Dog Food Mix usually lasts twice as long as other brands. All you need to do is add fresh meat (whatever your dog likes) with your Sojos Dog Food Mix, (and even some raw or steamed vegetables if you want). It's really as simple as that and then you have your own complete and balanced dog food ? and it only takes a couple of minutes a day.

In finishing Sojos appear to have done everything they could to make this dog food the best thing you can do for your dog. If you'd like to give it a try, Sojos actually offer a money-back guarantee which indicates their 100% confidence in their product.

My name is Shelley Allen and I am a concerned dog lover. I am concerned that manufactured and processed dog foods are killing our beloved animals. If, like me you too are worried that your dog might die or get sick, because you accidentally gave it poisoned, processed food, then I would seriously encourage you to visit my blog at for additional information or you could go to the Sojos Dog Food website at to order and even have it conveniently delivered direct to your door.

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