Solutions To Dogs Aggression Problem

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Solutions To Dogs Aggression Problem

by Leo Enoch

Aggressive problems actually quite a normal problem of almost any dogs. Even other animals or we as human do a lot of time display aggressive behavior.

It is instilled by nature as an automatic response for protection of existence. However normal, it is for dog to show aggressions, it is mostly unacceptable on a lot of time. Normal Aggression behavior such as growling, barking, and even biting are sometimes mistaken by the owners as ?vicious? or ?psychotic? which sadly resulted in the dog being put down. This happen because human and dog do not have the common communication channel.

From the Dog view, a friendly stranger behavior may seems like a threatening and intimidating behavior which give the dog all the motives to protect himself or the pack he is in. Before we can solve your dog aggression behavior, we need to understand the different type of aggression normally displayed and then we will deal with each one of them:

Dominance aggression:

Dominance aggression always happen when dogs are trying to established their place or status in the family. This occurs as your dog is a pack animal and he will view your family members as part of the pack and he will try to establish the hierarchy ranking of each member.

Since a lot of time children are at eye level with the dog, it makes it easier for him to confront them first before trying his way to go up higher in the hierarchy. This might happen also because the owner behavior towards the dog that diminishes the owner ranking to be lowered than the dog.

For examples:

During play time, owner promotes the dog to be at higher ranking in the hierarchy by allowing the dog to overpower him in a game of wrestling with the dog. Or during eating time, where the owner permit the dog to eat first and have a place on the dinner table or consenting the dog to sleep on the owner?s bed. These behavior and activities without the owner?s awareness, establishes the dog higher ranking and therefore encourages aggression behavior in the dog.

To stop your dog dominance aggression, you need to re-establish his position in the family. He must understand that he ranks last in the family. Establish routines for him and only reward him if he does them well. You have to eat first before him and you should never permit him to be in a superior position such as being on top of you during playing time.

Fear / anxiety aggression: Fear or anxiety aggression happens as a need for self defense and a natural reaction for the need to protect its existence from any harm. Of course this is triggered by the perception of the dog of threatening situation or possible harmful action taken by you or strangers.

For example, a passerby might be passing by rushing to get into the bus and was running toward you and your dog. Your dog might sees this stranger as posing possible threat which can be potentially dangerous to him.

If this is the case, you need to expose him more to people and different environment or situation. This means you have to take him out more often. Remember to put a leash or muzzle in the beginning when you are taking him out for a walk. You do not want him go out of sight. This is for his own well being and for the safety of general public.

Possessive / protective aggression:

Possessive or protective aggression is almost the same to fear aggression however this type of behavior normally associated to guarding the property that the dog feels belong to him. This can be guarding your family, or your house, his food or toy. This could in a way be a helpful type of aggression, as this type of aggression normally prevents your house from robbers or burglars.

The solution to this aggression type would be to powerfully establishing your position as the dog master that complete obedience is required from him. Eliminating totally your dog aggression behavior is not possible, but directing them is. So conducting proper training session with your dog is important It is a great misunderstanding that aggression is cause by the breed of the dogs, which causes some states or even countries to ban certain breed of dogs or required them to wear muzzles whenever they are out in the public.

There are no bad dogs but there are many bad owners and bad breeders. Learning where aggression behavior comes from and how to prevent it may help us to enjoy the breed we love.

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