Spaying Or Neutering Your Puppy

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Spaying Or Neutering Your Puppy

by Jason Beachy

Are you about to bring home your dream puppy, a beautiful little boy or girl? Congratulations! There is little in life that can be compared to the unconditional love and devotion of a dog. But with that undying love comes lots of responsibilities, feeding, training and the question of spaying or neutering your little bundle of joy.

While the thought of putting your precious puppy through surgery may not be very appealing, it is an issue that should be addressed and the sooner the better. There are many reasons to sterilize your dog, very few drawbacks and a lot of myths that surround this common procedure. Each of these will be addressed in turn.

Probably the most compelling reason to have your dog 'fixed' is the love that you have for your pet. An intact dog has a higher chance of getting injured due to fighting, being hit by cars from running away to look for a mate, a greater rate of cancer of the reproductive organs, a female (especially smaller breeds) have more of a chance of needing surgery during birth. Your sterilized dog will generally live longer and be a much more loving companion, they are happy just to lounge around with you and do not feel the need to reproduce. As an added bonus, you will be doing your part to control the pet population.

As with any surgery, there is the threat of complications up to and including death. While this is very rare, it does happen and is a valid concern when deciding whether to spay or neuter your puppy. If you have any concerns regarding your dogs' health and how surgery would affect it, please consult your veterinarian.

There are many myths that surround getting a dog sterilized, these are unfounded and untrue, however, they continue to exist. The biggest misconception is that a spayed or neutered dog will get fat. This is completely false. The only thing that will make a dog fat is too much food and too little exercise (there are also medical reasons for weight gain). If your pooch is becoming fat, cut down on table scraps, take him out for a little walk every day and see your vet.

The other widely believed myth is that dogs 'want' to be parents or that FeFe would make such a good mom. First, dogs become parents out of instinct, not by a well-thought out decision-making process. If there is a female in heat, a male will do anything possible to get to her. Second, I am sure that your cute little girl will make a good mother and will have beautiful puppies, most dogs do. However, this is again instinct, not a personal choice.

Please, before you pick up your new puppy, consider the benefits in having him or her spayed or neutered. Talk to the breeder when you pick up the puppy, to other dog owners and talk to your vet. Make an informed decision that is right for you and your new puppy.

Jason Beachy loves dogs and they love him. Find out everything about the ones closest to his heart at his website.

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