Spoiling Spot Great Gift Ideas for Your Dog

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Spoiling Spot Great Gift Ideas for Your Dog

by Lisa A Sorensen

With the holiday season nearly upon us, thoughts of gift-giving are most likely starting to climb way up the ladder of your priorities. And whether you're trimming the tree or lighting the menorah, don't forget your furry friend this December.

Gone are the days where the best gift you could buy for your pet was a boring rawhide chews or a tin of plain yellow tennis balls. In this age of mega-pet-stores and online shopping, the selection of gifts for your pet is amazing.

Of course the traditional gifts are still there. In fact, you'll find tennis balls aplenty in the aisles of any pet retailer you choose What's changed is that there's more a sense of fun in dog toys these days. Tennis balls are no longer just yellow. They come in all shapes and sizes and colors. You'll find bone-shaped tennis balls and tennis balls shaped into rings for great games of tug-of-war. For larger dogs such as retrievers, there are larger tennis balls. Some tennis balls come in tasty flavors that dogs love, such as mint and peanut butter.

Even the traditional rawhide chew has been upgraded. Some are basted with chicken or beef flavorings, and some even come with chewy meaty centers.

Beyond that, you'll find a wealth of other gift choices for man's best friend. Many pet stores now contain aisles laden with plush toys in all shapes and sizes. For larger dogs that tend to be rougher on toys, there are toys made of a durable tire-like rubber that are destined to last longer under the wear and tear.

Still other items make great gifts for both owner and pooch. Take, for example, the new pet drinking fountains that are available. This would make a great gift for a pet owner. Many come with filters and provide an aerated, flowing water supply that encourages pets to get enough fluids.

Or how about contraptions that raise food and water dishes off the floor so that larger dogs don't have to bend so far down to eat and drink? Or how about a kit so that owners can bake fresh dog treats for their best friends? Many even come with bone-shaped cookie cutters.

The options are as limitless as your imagination, so don't forget Fido when you're doing your holiday shopping this year. After all, he'll be the one waiting for you with a loving wag when you come home.

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