Sprucing Up Your Dog

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Sprucing Up Your Dog

by Eric Hartwell

Dogs are very much like humans. What is important to us is important to them too. Eating the right food, exercising regularly and grooming ourselves for wellness and aesthetic reasons are foremost in our minds if we think of maintaining our health. This is the case with dogs too. The only difference is we can do all these activities ourselves while a dog requires us to do it for them. But what is a little feeding, walking and exercising required from the owners compared to total love, devotion and friendship that a dog gives in return, right?

The Right Food:

It is important that you provide your dog with a proper, well-balanced diet to maintain his health. Fortunately for dog owners, commercial dog food is now readily available on the market today. One can easily go to the grocery store and choose which of the brands would best suit their dogs. These dog foods have been through well-researched studies and are known to provide the dog with its most needed nutrients and nourishment to ensure a healthy disposition.

The Right Amount of Exercise:

Dogs crave the outdoors. They simply love playing and running around and their bodies are geared up to do so. Try to walk your dog at least three times a week to give him a stronger and leaner body. Walking does not only help eliminate digestive disorders such as constipation, it also helps a dog build his well-being and good nature. Dogs absolutely love the company of humans and it is usually better if you take them for a walk every once in a while to show them that they are loved and well taken care of.

The Right Sprucing:

To keep your dogs happy and healthy, they should constantly receive a fair amount of grooming as well. Remember, brushing, bathing and cleaning the paws and ears ensures that a dog remain in better health than ever. Try to keep the hair coat as dirt-free as possible by constant brushing. This helps the coat to secrete their natural oil and helps keep the skin clean and free from any irritation. Trimming the nails also ensure that your pet will less likely have any skin irritations when scratching. Try to do nail clipping once a month with a specially designed clipper. Keep the ears of your dog clean, too. Use moist cotton balls dipped in lukewarm water or mineral oil to keep the ears clean. This way, you keep the ears as free from infection and irritation as possible. A pet toothbrush is also available on the market today and may be used to clean your dog?s teeth. This helps eliminate the buildup of tartar that may result to sore tooth and loss of teeth. Clean your dog?s teeth twice a week to ensure that he always stays healthy and nourished. Bathing your dog also helps maintain his health and cleanliness. Using the required shampoo or soap on his coat helps him fight any irritation and skin infections.

These are just the basics to ensure that your dog is perfectly happy with you. If you decide to follow these simple steps trust me, your dog will surely love you for it!

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