Stop Barking Collars Do They Really Work

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Stop Barking Collars Do They Really Work

by Tom Selwyn

Before we get into this article I would just like to ask a few questions. Is your dog's barking getting out of control? Are your neighbors at breaking point and its causing problems? Have you considered getting rid of the dog? Does the barking get worse when you leave home? Has he/she always been a barker or has it just started?

Here are but a few questions that people all over the world are confronted with when having to deal with a dog that has a barking problem, so in this article we hope to help you over come this obstacle and improve your relationship with your canine friend.

Stop barking collars - do they really work? The short answer, some work good and some not so good.

There are many stop barking collars and devices on the market that are designed to help our canine friends with their barking issues in the shortest period possible, usually due to pressures from councils or neighbors. Stop barking collars and devices designed to solve this noise problem have there advantages and disadvantages, as long as you use a device that's humane to the dog and doesn't inflict any undue harm or punishment, also understanding that this technique is only a temporary measure, to fix the noise problem now, the under laying behavioral problem may still exist. The good news is that the barking problem can be resolved in a relatively short period of time, if you use the correct stop barking collar device, the not so good news is that enrooted behavioral problems are not usually solved overnight and may take a little time to overcome. For example, Bored dogs may decide to stray and roam or anxious dogs may become destructive, our suggestion would be to seek advice from an animal behavior consultant to help your dog with this behavior.

There are many stop barking collars to choose from so the question we are going to help you answer in this article is which devices work and will give you the best results, also remember the most important thing is for the device to be humane. Most electronic stop barking collars employ sound as the basic stimulus because it is well documented that animals learn faster and retain a better memory when the correct behavior is related with a sound. If you have a dog that's a practically stubborn persistent 3am in the morning barker driving everybody nuts, there are more advance models that employ an increased electric shock stimulus working in conjunction with a sound to stop even the most persistent and stubborn barkers, remember this process will take place in the most humane way as not to cause any undue stress on your dog.

Now the more sophisticated electronic stop barking collars have a sensor that only activates when it detects the vibration in the dogs throat that only happens when the dog starts barking, the great advantage about this device is if the next door neighbors dog starts barking or any loud noises may accrue it will not activate the collar and punish the dog unnecessarily. One of the features of many stop barking dog collars that many dog owners may not be aware of is that these devices; well firstly they do detect when a dog is barking it just doesn't state which one, meaning when the sound is picked up via a microphone and active on sound, the result is that these devices can be set of by other noises and also by other dogs barking, unnecessarily correcting the dog for something he hasn't done 'NOT GOOD' just ask your dog. Therefore, our advice would be to use a device that is only activated on vibration from the dog's throat or by motion or jostling, your dog will thank you for it, and receive only the appropriate correction.

In conclusion of this article, I would like to leave you with this one thought. When deciding on which stop barking collar to purchase and there's many, all claiming to solve the barking problem choose a device that's going to help the dog understand and relate to what he's being corrected for also if there are any underlying behavioral problems seek professional help you will be helping to maintain a happy stable dog. He will love you for it. Thanks for taking the time to read this article from the team at phoopups keep smiling and the tails wagging...

Tom Selwyn loves dogs and enjoys writing articles to help people gain a better understanding of our canine friends. Tom is the director of phoopups, a successful online dog accessories store dedicated to providing great service and quality doggy merchandise you are welcome to visit us at

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