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Stop Dog From Jumping

by John S Rhodes

If you need to stop dog from jumping, this is exactly the article you need. Let's start with a little story...

There is nothing sweeter than coming home from a hard day?s work and have your dog greet you. With his tail wagging and his jumping up and down, his excitement is hard to resist. There's so much love.

While it may be perfectly fine for you to have a happy and friendly dog, there may be others who are not quite as charmed by their exuberance; specifically visitors. A very happy dog and a crazy dog almost seem the same, and both can hurt people. Perhaps it?s time to discuss how to stop dog from jumping.

While a dog?s show of affection is a wonderful display of love, it may not be so wonderful if your dog is a larger breed. This can pose problems for your visitors, neighbors and friends as well. There can be real danger.

If you have a puppy, training to stop dog from jumping should begin from the outset. When the dog attempts to jump up on you, firmly but gently say ?no,? and then gently grab his two front paws and set him down.

Follow this method with positive reinforcement in the form of either a gently stroking while praising him at the same time. While there are some professionals who advocate gently hitting a dog for bad behavior, this is not necessarily needed. If you are consistent in your command, the dog will eventually understand that jumping is not acceptable.

If your dog is of a larger breed; it is important to try these methods to stop dog from jumping. Try this. When you arrive home, and your dog is ready to greet you; do not become as excited to see the dog as he is to see you. This just enhances the dog?s desire to jump on you. Simply greet the dog; then turn around with your back to the dog.

What should happen next is the dog will most likely sit and wait for your response. Do this consistently and your dog will eventually get the idea. He will associate your turning away with his jumping; thus being ignored. Once the dog sits, you can then pet him as much as you like.

That's your first important tip on getting your dog to stop jumping. Keeping reading!

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