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Stop My Dog from Chewing

by Tony Harrison

Are you dreading going home to your dog? Wondering what your dog chewed this time? Searching for answers to ?how to stop my dog from chewing??

Well let us explore the reasons dogs chew things. Firstly puppies chew because they are teething and this is quite natural. Dogs chew things when they are anxious. Dogs chew out of boredom or when seeking attention.

Now that you know some of the reasons dogs chew things we can explore the some of the methods people have used to answer that eternal question ?how to stop my dog from chewing??.

If you have a puppy that is teething make sure that you give your puppy chewing toys. There are many toys available on the market today. Make sure you don?t give your puppy an old shoe or slipper as this will confirm that all shoes and slippers are OK. Don?t make this mistake it?s very hard to undo.

For older dogs make sure that they have chewing toys as well. If you catch your dog chewing something he or she shouldn?t be then reprimand your dog with a firm ?no?, loud enough to get your dogs attention and then take the forbidden item away. Replace it with the dogs chew toy if it is handy or encourage your dog to find its chew toy for example ?go get your ball?. Reward your dog for playing with their chew toy, this will reinforce that chewing the right things is OK.

When leaving your dog at home if they are still puppies or still chewing things create a ?safe zone? for your dog and your mind of course. Litter the safe zone with your dogs chew toys. This will encourage your dog to chew on their chew toys rather than your things. Don?t leave your dog alone for long periods of time as they get anxious and will want to chew on things. Once your dog stops chewing on forbidden things you can get rid of the safe zone and let your dog have the run of your home.

Dogs also chew from boredom so you need to alleviate this boredom by playing with your dog. Dogs love to play so play regularly with your dog and especially use your dogs chew toys. That way you are re-enforcing what you dog will think about chewing.

You now have some answers to your question ?how to stop my dog from chewing?. So enjoy your time with your dog. Remember patience and persistence are important to changing any behavioural trait that you dog may have.

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