Stop Peeing on Paper Start Peeing In The Yard

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Stop Peeing on Paper Start Peeing In The Yard

by Burke Jones

Question: What do you do to get your dog to go from the paper trick to hold it and go to the door and let you know she or he have to go outside? - from Aly

Answer: Aly, as you are finding out this is the main problem puppy owners face when they have decided to paper train their new family member. So lets look at how you can make a smooth transition from the paper to the yard?.

  1. When your dog is consistently eliminating on the paper, start taking pieces away. Each day remove a bit more, eventually there will be only a very small area for your puppy to pee or poop on.
  2. Then start moving it closer and closer to the outside door - each day move it closer to the door that leads to the backyard.
  3. If there are any accidents - like if they miss the paper, quickly clean them up with vinegar and water or a purchased urine oder remover.
  4. Once the small paper is right next to the door, quickly pick your dog up and take it outside when you see it getting ready to use the paper. Be sure and give the ?go potty? command as you do this.
  5. After a few days remove the paper completely. You dog should slowly start barking or whimpering when they need to go outside.
It will take time, patience and consistency on your part - but you puppy will eventually learn to transition from the paper training to the back yard! Good luck!

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