Stop Your Dog From Chewing Things

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Stop Your Dog From Chewing Things

by Ken Bishop

Stop your dog from chewing things such as shoes, slippers, pant legs, furniture legs and more or allow it to put you in a state of depression. For god sakes it even wants to chew on your hands and feet.

Is this normal, will the dog ever grow out of it? It is normal if you allow it to happen. He may grow out of it but not before he can create some real damage. Actually he does not grow out of it. You probably keep after it until it finally does quit. Not before some great damage has been done.

You may even be contributing to his chewing by things you are doing with him. You may have good intentions but the road to hell has been paved with good intentions. I am not saying your dog is a creature from hell like some might be thinking. Maybe even yourself. No your dog is just being a dog without proper training.

I myself have seen dogs chew the stuffing out of a brand new sofa, chew up good shoes and do a job on the legs of a wooden table and chair set. Holy Christmas there must be something that can be done with a creature like that. Visitors come in, only to swear not to go back because their hands are sore from the dog continuously biting them.

The dog does not know any better. It thinks it is playing, socializing, so to speak. You need to take control of your household and set the dog straight. You must do it before you have no friends not to mention footwear and furniture.

There is a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it. You do not want to end up hating the dog or having it hate you. Dog trainers can be quite expensive but there is an alternative. You can be taught how to deal with your dog.

So get on the ball and take control of your life. Get your friends back and save the furniture. Stop that dog from chewing things up. There is help out there, it is just up to you to get it.

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