Stop Your Dog From Jumping on People

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Stop Your Dog From Jumping on People

by Ken Bishop

Anyone who owns a dog that jumps on people as soon as they come in the door knows how annoying it can become. It can also be dangerous especially for elderly people, people without good balance and small children.

When a dog jumps on people it is usually excited, wants to socialize and get attention. The dog thinks it is great and his excitement in greeting people can become very annoying to guests. For new dog owners it is great to avoid this from becoming a problem at an early stage.

This problem as well as many other canine bad habits can be broken with the proper help quite easily with a little patience and discipline on both your part and your dog. The dog is not going to learn good habits by himself. Trainers can be expensive so it looks like it is up to you.

A well disciplined dog that does not jump on people and has good social habits can be greatly enjoyed by you and even your guests. Imagine a dog that you don?t have to lock in another room when someone comes to the door. It can happen and would be most appreciated by family, friends and guests.

There are certain things you may be doing, unknown to you, that actually encourage the dog to jump on people when they come in the door. Imagine a dog jumping all over someone with muddy paws, getting dog fur all over their good clothes. It gets to the point that your friends don?t even come to visit you.

Sometimes this becomes just a slight annoyance to a dog owner because of that very thing, it is their dog. Usually they don?t even realize that people don?t even want to visit them anymore because their dog is all over them when they come through their door.

Do yourself a favor as well as your family and friends. Train your dog not to jump on people when they enter your house. It can be done easier than you think.

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