Stop Your Dog Overheating

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Stop Your Dog Overheating

by Eric Hartwell

It can be hard to recognise heat exhaustion in a dog. The situation can arise at anytime even if the weather is not hot. But, of course, when it is hot, there is more likelihood.

Dogs need to be watched because some, at least, will play and play until it is too late. It is sensible to observe the features and characteristics of your dog especially on a hot day.

Dog will do anything to please you so don't make him run around and play too much if it is hot. Watch out for excessive panting and salivation - these could indicate heat effects.

Have plenty of water handy if possible - it is always sensible to have some in the car for impromptu or planned breaks. At home, allow your dog the luxury of easy access to water.

Look out for unusual actions. Does your dog look tired and is his skin hot and dry? He may feel as though he has a fever. He may appear very restless - unusually so. Some dogs will develop uncharacteristic diarrhea when they are becoming heat exhausted.

Heat exhaustion needs immediate action. You dog could die if he is not cared for at this point in time. Get him somewhere cool and let him rest. Offer him drink and stay with him so you can watch how he gets on. If in any doubt, call the vet to check your dog over - sometimes fluid through a drip is needed to counteract the effects of heat exhaustion.

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