Stop Your Puppys Biting

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Stop Your Puppys Biting

by Ashley D Bigham

As any dog owner knows, puppies love to bite. It?s in their nature to chew on things, especially during teething. If this behavior continues you could have a destructive, and a rough dog. This behavior needs to be addressed when their young since an older dog that bites can be dangerous. Most puppies are taught what?s too rough from their mothers, but people take puppies when they?re young. Therefore, it?s up to us to teach them. Socializing your dog can do wonders in this regard. They will quickly learn from their elders what is appropriate and what?s not in the form of a correction from the older dog. Now, don?t seek out trouble for your puppy. You don?t want another dog to dominate him for no reason or make him fearful. But, if in the course of play, your pup gets corrected, all the better for him.

Taking the puppy to a training school or obedience classes will also help. Not only does your pup get socialized early in life, you learn the necessary skills to train him and correct him nicely and effectively. Puppies should be socialized heavily the first three to four months of their lives. This will help curb behavior and interaction problems later in life. You puppy also needs to be socialized to people and children, all sorts to get him accustomed to anyone that might approach him.

Have toys that encourage chewing. If your dog loves to chew on things, give him something appropriate to chew on. My dog loves Nyla Bones, and they clean her teeth while occupying her time. They make a hard version and a soft, puppy version. It?s gummier and feels better, and the best thing is that there are different flavors for your dog to enjoy. If you can redirect the chewing, that?s better in the long run. Other toys like ropes or Kongs that are durable and belong in your dog?s mouth are good ideas too. Give him something to occupy and entertain him so he?s not chewing on you or your furniture.

To correct biting, even in young dogs, there is a maneuver you can perform. Socializing will do the best job, but if you?re at home and want to get your puppy to stop biting your hands while you?re trying to pet him this will discourage too. When your puppy bites, gently but firmly place your hand around his muzzle, holding his mouth shut. You?re pup is bound to wiggle; he isn?t going to like being pinned like this. Hold for a few seconds, and say firmly ?no bite.? Don?t try this with an older dog unless you know he won?t snap at you after you release or have done this maneuver since puppy-hood; that can be dangerous since you have less control when a dog?s bigger.

Ashley writes on how to train your dog better and more efficiently. You can learn more by visiting Dog Training.

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