Stopping A Dog From Running Away

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Stopping A Dog From Running Away

by Anthony Lee

There are various reasons why dogs run away from home. The condition of the home where the dog is settling plays an important part on how it behaves.

A dog not happy with its family medium will also have the tendency to run away from home. This sometimes occurs when the family changes addresses or when a new person (like a new baby or wife) arrives in the house.

The dog will react by constantly going out of the house thinking that it has lost its place in the home. The dog will try to find a new environment where he can be more comfortable. Some dogs will actually try to find a new family that will adopt it.

Dogs also have a tendency to run away if they become too emotionally dependent with their master. The dog might go out of the house and try to find its master when it realizes that it has been left alone.

This type of behavior is called separation anxiety. Dogs will normally bark or whine if it is left alone by its master in an area that does not permit escape.

Spending more time with animal by exercising and proper obedience training can solve separation anxiety. Modifying the height of the fence is also a practical solution in stopping the dog from running away.

A dog could also run away if it believes that are some things interesting outside of its territory. These usually occur when the dog becomes board and lack sufficient amount of physical activity. Dogs neglected for an extended period of time will also display this behavior.

Rounding it up, it is important to constantly monitor the behavior of your dog inside and outside of the house. Correcting your dog when it leaves its territory is not enough.

Make sure that you subject your household pet to many periods of exercise and play to eventually lower its tendency of running away from home.

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