Stopping A Dog From Urinating

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Stopping A Dog From Urinating

by Anthony Lee

Is your dog constantly urinating in the house regardless whether you are present or out of the house? Addressing this problem is not hard but will take a lot of patience.

It is important for the dog to realize that it committed a mistake when it urinated in the house. In the event that you catch your dog in the act, never attempt to hurt or shout at him. The dog could become traumatized and will always be fearful in defecating in front of you.

Here are a few tips in training a dog to urinate outside of the house.

- Interrupt the dog by saying NO!

- Walk the dog for five minutes

- Command "POOP" repeatedly when he wants to defecate.

- Cage the dog for five minutes if he refuses to defecate and take him out again after twenty minutes.

- Give the dog a reward or pet him if he successfully follows your commands.

However, it is too late to correct the dog if you fail to catch him in the act. Immediately clean the dog's urine or poop to avoid getting reprimanding by the police or your neighbour.

It is a practice of many pet owners to carry a small bag or some newspaper to clean up a dog's mess when walking the street. Failing to clean the mess right away will give him an idea that defecating in this area is acceptable.

In summary, always remember to give simple reprimands if you catch the dog urinating inside the house and commend him if he tries to alert you that he wants to go outside.

The dog will easily get the message, as long as the commands are clear. However, if your dog continues to urinate inside the house even if trained, he may have some sort of medical condition. Consult your local veterinarian to address this problem.

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