Stopping Agressive Dog Behavior

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Stopping Agressive Dog Behavior

by Bill Nadraszky

Do you have an aggressive dog? Do you have problems when your dog sees other dogs that they he is always barking and trying to get at the other dog? Well the problem may not just be your dog?s problem but instead it may be more of a problem with the way your dog looks at interactions with other dogs.

Even when dogs have been trained and been around a lot of dogs your own dogs tendency will still to be to be an aggressive dog when your dog makes eye contact with other dogs. This is mostly a problem caused by the way in which most dog obedience courses are taught. Remember back when your dog was in a class with other dogs and you had to pull with the leash to keep your dog away from these other dogs. As you probably know, most dogs are naturally curios and when a pup gets together for the first time with a bunch of other dogs he would have been curious. The natural course of action as a new dog owner would have been to pull your dog hard away from the other dogs and now your dog will have learned that being around other dogs is bad and in the case of being close to other dogs it is easier to scare them away by being aggressive than it is to be docile and perhaps find a new friend.

As time has gone on you have probably pulled your dog away from other dogs at the dog park and now you have reinforced the idea that being around other dogs is bad. Well you certainly can teach an old dog new tricks and this trick is to let your dog be friendly again but still be respectful around other dogs.

The strongest emotion that you can instill at this point is to make eye contact with your dog. As you make eye contact your dog will get nervous but as you are making eye contact feed him some treats so that he knows that this is a good situation to be in. Next time you are at a dog park or another place where there are a lot of dogs around you can do the same thing. If the other dog is good then feed your dog treats as a reward for good interaction, if the interaction is bad then feed him no treats. These actions will change the way that your dog looks at other dogs and if here meets a friendly dog he will not be aggressive anymore but will still be wary around another aggressive dog.

Curing your dog from being aggressive is not really hard to do but these actions should definitely help your dog to be friendlier around dogs and this should translate to being better around people too.

There are many things that you can do to make your dog much better and very responsible to you and your family. Look around this site and if you need more please visit my review of a great dog training book.

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