Tainted Dog Food Recall The Other Hidden Dangers

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Tainted Dog Food Recall The Other Hidden Dangers

by Nikki LeRoi

You?ve been keeping up with the news reports on the name brand dog food recall and you?re rightfully nervous about what to feed your beloved pet. At first, it seemed like some mild tainted dog food recall that wasn?t going to affect your pet?s health in any way. But then, they started calling it a possible rat poison dog food recall and your hair stood on end.

Just recently, the federal government had to quarantine 20 million chickens when they learned the farmers had been mixing their feed with contaminated pet food that contained melamine, a known cancer causing agent that can also cause your pet to have kidney and bladder problems.

Well known (and some not so well known) dog food brands you?ve been using for years are now under the dark cloud of suspicion and have been pulled from the shelves. Here?s a quick list of some recent popular dog food brand alerts:

Nutro dog food recall
Iams dog food recall
Purina dog food recall
Eukanuba dog food recall
Diamond Dog Food Recall
Hills Science Diet dog food recall

For the first time, people are starting to pay attention to what?s in their pet children?s food and discovering it?s even worse than they realized. Not only is your pet being exposed to poisonous wheat gluten, but dangerous toxins from rendered meat by-products as well. These meat by-products are in most commercial dog food preparations ? including the so called healthy brands.

You see, it?s much cheaper for the large companies to use proteins that really offer no nutritional value to your pet, and mix that with a meat by-product literally made of a witch?s brew of disgusting stuff that?s not fit to feed any living creature. I?m serious. As a dog lover, I was literally shocked and disgusted to find out what the dog food processing plants are really putting in their product.

So what is the fallout from all of this bad dog food in news reports?

Will there be a dog food recall lawsuit?

I don?t know, but I do know that this dog food scare has made many pet owners take notice of what their dogs are eating, and many of you will be looking to switch your dog?s food to something truly healthy and nutritious ? and not just unhealthy food deceptively labeled as healthy. Luckily, there are a few excellent dog food brands out there so you and your pet can get back to enjoying a happy, long-lasting and loving relationship.

They?re killing your dog and you don?t even know it! That?s right. If you think the recent tainted pet food scare is bad, wait until you find out what dog food companies are really putting in your innocent pet?s food. Warning: this information is quite shocking and not to be viewed if you have a faint stomach. Find out more details at http://www.1minutesolutions.com

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