Taking Care Of Your Dog Essential Tips

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Taking Care Of Your Dog Essential Tips

by Rose Reynolds

Essential care tips for your dog

Loyal, friendly, protective, affectionate, fun. Those qualities have earned dogs a special place in the lives and hearts of humans. Most dogs are owned now as pets mainly because they are THE ideal pet. A dog will always try to keep you happy and smiling. They will never hold grudges against you, and will never judge you for your looks or mistakes. It isn't called man's best friend for nothing.

Dogs have a basic need for shelter, good nutrition, exercise and companionship. A dog will rely on its owner for all of these needs, in addition to training and protection. These are the basic needs, but a dog also needs veterinary care.

It is a good idea to make sure that your dog is seen by a vet regularly. Dogs are prone to a wide array of illnesses and diseases and it is best that he gets vaccinated against these.

It is important that you groom your dog. A regular groom is recommended. Dog?s ears should be cleaned, removing the wax and dirt every week. Ear cleaning also helps you detect the presence of ear mites or infections. The dog should also be bathed weekly with warm water and dog shampoo.

A balanced and nutritious diet is recommended for your dog. They do not just eat meat, contrary to what many people think, they also need carbohydrates. A diet consisting of 50 percent of protein or meat and 50 percent of carbohydrates is the preferred diet for dogs.

Dogs also need exercise. Aside from their health, dogs exercising will prevent them from retrieving and chasing, digging, and chewing on various things. Exercises depend on your dog?s sex, age, and health level. A dog likes to jog, fetch, and race a lot. One warning however, start slow in exercising your dog. Unfortunately, some dogs enjoy themselves so much when they do these exercises. They don't know when to stop it.

Having a dog does not end with just owning one, you have to take care of it. Although that may be hard work, it will also bring you fun and enjoyment when you see that your dog is healthy and loves you. Having a pet dog of your own is a really pleasurable experience.

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