Taking Care of Your Dog

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Taking Care of Your Dog

by Eric Hartwell

During the course of history, a subtle change has occurred in the relationship between man and dog. It used to be that dogs served as man?s slaves. They provided an economical form of labor that released man from certain chores such as guarding houses and properties. They also acted as man?s protectors throughout centuries. But how the roles have reversed now! The dog has become a pet?the fortunate and sheltered member of the family. Man now serves and protects his dogs. This may be seen as inevitable since dogs have a way of worming themselves into the hearts of many and add new dimensions to their lives. It is indeed heartening to see a single puppy lift the spirits of an entire family of man.

The Formula to Raising a Healthy Dog:

When raising a puppy, you should follow through with a good management which involves proper housing, proper sanitation, proper nutrition, control of parasites and disease and proper training.

It is usually wise to give a dog his own sleeping area or bed to give him a sense of ownership. As much as possible, have him sleep in a place which is free from dampness. This way, you keep him as contented and well rested as possible. In grooming a dog, it is usually best to start when the puppy is young and can be made to feel that grooming is a game. He will surely look forward to being cleaned up! It is also a good idea to trim his nails but be careful about cutting them too close or making them bleed since dogs never forget sharp pain! It is also advisable to keep the dog?s teeth as clean and healthy as possible. Try to give him some bones or even artificial bones to chew on to encourage his salivary glands to work. The saliva of a dog has been known to keep his teeth healthy and free from tartar buildup.

Balanced nutrition can best be obtained from commercial dog foods available today. Table food and scraps should never amount to a third of his food to keep him healthy. Every 6 months of so, the dog should be brought to a veterinarian to be checked for intestinal parasites such as tapeworms, hookworms and whipworms. Having these parasites can be very debilitating for a dog. Be mindful of flea and tick infestations too. Infestation shots are readily available from your vet and you should keep in mind to bring your pets there for their regular checkup. When disciplining a dog, remember that his memory as a puppy is only about 30 seconds long. Try to act as quickly as possible when he errs. A scolding may be adequate to show the puppy your disfavor but if this does not catch his attention, try slapping a rolled up newspaper on the floor or on a hard surface. Spanking the dog should be the last resort as a form of discipline and remember there are now dog training centers as options.

Taking in a puppy within the folds of your family means taking on at least a 10-year project of seeing that the puppy has proper care, exercise, grooming and devotion everyday for the rest of his life. In return, he will also devote his life and loyalty to you.

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