Taking Control Of Your Dogs Nutrition

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Taking Control Of Your Dogs Nutrition

by Travis Liu

Do you know what you are feeding your dog? If you are feeding your dog with commercial dog food, than you are in for a big surprise.

Dog food ingredients are not required to pursuant to the FDA guidelines therefore the actual ingredient could be as little as 25% of the total packaged product. The question is what comprises the remaining 75%?

What about the chemical preservatives such as BHA and BHT that are banned for human use. Are you familiar with ethoxyquin?

How can you be sure as to what exactly you are feeding your dog when there is a loose regulation on dog food labeling? Does commercial dog food supply the complete and balanced diet for your dog?

The only way to be sure is to provide your dog with home cooking. Homemade dog food allows you to control your dog?s nutritional needs as well as providing the highest quality and a balanced toxin-free diet for your dog.

Homemade dog food doesn?t have to be complicated but you do want to make sure that you provide your dog with essential nutrients such as vegetables, pasta, rice, cereals, protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals.

Achieving a complete and balanced diet for your dog could be overwhelming because we are bombarded with facts and figures and there are so many misinformation on the websites.

Dog Food Secrets compiled an easy to understand, healthful and delicious homemade recipes for you to try with your dog.

A dog?s health is only as good as how the master feed and takes care of his dog. Be the master your dog deserves and find out how to feed your dog properly.

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