Teach Your Puppy To Chew On Toys And Not On Items Around The House

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Teach Your Puppy To Chew On Toys And Not On Items Around The House

by Betty Young

Training you puppy always requires repetition and consistency. You must establish yourself as the master and your puppy must understand that he is to follow your instructions. Puppies have a desire to please their owners. Repetition and consistency are the keys that will help your doggie learn and understand a command. Provide several chew toys and teach your puppy and help him to develop proper chewing habits.

Keep the doggies? area of the house clean and clear of items that you don?t want your doggie to chew. A puppy will naturally chew anything that is in his reach. Train you doggie to play with chew toys and teach him to greet you with a chew toy. Always encourage him to use a toy when he greets anyone.

Praise you puppy when he does something right. Your dog will learn from your consistent and constant praise that he is loved and he will learn to obey your commands. Don?t raise your voice or shout at your puppy as this will only confuse him.

If you leave a purse or shoes in his area he will likely chew on them and usually will ruin you purse or shoes. When you find your puppy with your shoe in his mouth, gently remove the shoe and replace it with one of his favorite toys. Remember you left the shoe where he could find it.

It?s important to train your doggie when he is little and he does not have to unlearn his bad habits. Start training your doggie early.

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