Teaching Basic Dog and Puppy Commands

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Teaching Basic Dog and Puppy Commands

by Josella Benton

Some examples for dog commands are these: fetch, sit, lie down, roll over, bark, beg, come, sniff, wag, bark, scratch etc. Teaching your dog commands and working on its character can start when the dog is around seven months because teaching a puppy is easier than grown-up dogs. At this early age they haven't learned all the bad behaviour yet, so you have a lot less to make them unlearn. When teaching your puppy or dog commands such as COME, STAY, SIT and so forth, use only the single word. Using any other words will just confuse the poor dog or puppy and will end up frustrating you both.

Teaching your dog the basic dog tricks and commands.

It is important that when teaching your dog commands they react and come to you when called. Hence basic obedience training is not about teaching your dog commands; it is about what a dog must learn NOT to do. However, resolving behavior problems, such as house piddling, barking, biting or seperation anxiety requires more than just teaching your dog commands. This is when the hard work begins, in effect "teaching an old dog new tricks".

Teaching owners to train a dog is much harder than actually training the dog. Keep in mind that simply repeating a command is NOT TEACHING the command. Fetch can be played without teaching your dog commands; but it works better if you teach your dog some commands for this game. Teaching him those commands are essential for him to learn and also make the game much more enjoyable for you both.

What tricks can I teach my dog?

Teaching your dog anything from tricks to simple obedience commands gives it an outlet and allows thought processes to over-ride negative behavior. Idle minds and all that applies equally to bored dogs too.

Teach your dog to do tricks.

Not-so-stupid pet tricks. Teach your dog a few commands and/or tricks and practice them daily. After the sit command is mastered, other commands, and even some tricks, can be added.

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