Teaching You To Train Your Dog with Good Communication

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Teaching You To Train Your Dog with Good Communication

by Jt Clough

When communication doesn?t come easy the disappointment of yet another relationship you can't rely on creeps in, and the time you spend with your dog becomes more frustrating than fun. It easily can turn into simply less time, and more of an augmentative state. Hmmm, sound familiar? Sound like some of your personal relationships? Ever wonder why? Could it possibly be something you are doing or is it always about someone else? Hmmmm, again....

Our relationships with our dogs often times reflect how we communicate generally. Poorly. Less then clear, and way less than consistent. We constantly stop at "no" and never bother to say what it is that we actually want from our dogs or our people friends for that matter. Somehow they are supposed to know what to do after the very terse "no". It's supposed to speak volumes.

Relationships cannot work well on the basis of "no". The best way to get clear with your dog is tell them what to do and in the beginning actually help them into position so they know the action you want from them. In other words, follow through with help until they know what your are asking of them. It doesn't happen overnight. Like any great relationship, it's about spending time together and having clear communication and lots of fun daily instead of on occasion.

Learning to communicate with your dog so there is true understanding between you and your dog is not only rewarding but provides you with a friend that is never late, is always there for you, never lies to you, and is always happy to see you.

Jt Clough

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