Teaching Your Puppy Obedience Lessons

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Teaching Your Puppy Obedience Lessons

by Jed Quibir

Teaching your puppy obedience lessons is very advantageous compared to grown-up dogs. It is because the learning capabilities on how a puppy responds to its environment are not yet completely developed. This implies that you need to discipline and teach your puppy with the proper behavior and training right from the very start. It would be easier due to the fact that a puppy has not yet acquired a behavioral history.

If you are going to teach your puppy with obedience lessons, see to it that you know how to overcome the complexities. It is like parenting where in you also spend same care and affection given to newborn babies. Puppies are like humans wherein they can be bred, taught and disciplined with good behavior. Teaching your puppy obedience lessons is a must as it can bring excellent mental exercise wherein it can adapt to some circumstances.

Though puppies still don?t recognize that they have names, they can also respond to master?s command which requires effective communication. Effective communication between you and your pet is the most essential ability required in teaching your puppy obedience lessons. In applying effective communication with your puppy, this would make your pet possible to obey some of the commands like ?Come!?, ?Stay!?, ?Heel!?, ?Sit!?, ?Out!?, ?Jump!? and so on. Make sure that the obedience lessons you?re teaching to your pet puppy are not tedious but valuable.

Take for instance, teaching your puppy to leap when greeting people. All you need to do is set-up an environment that a puppy is rewarded when he jumps when he sees people. You may also teach your puppy how to potty in a particular type of surface. At this point, the puppy is making a permanent connection in his brain out of a successful behavior and new life experiences building its brain?s future behavior.

The best age to start teaching your puppy obedience lessons is when they are at their seventh and twelfth weeks. It is the advisable stage because a puppy is more receptive to the procedures of learning during its middle and final part period of critical socialization.

Puppy socialization training is one main aspect in preventing dogs behavioral problems related to different types of stress. If you train your puppy the correct way of socializing then violence and fear could be prevented in your pet?s behavior. During this stage, whatever the puppy learns will certainly affect for the rest of his life. The proper time to teach your puppy about socialization is on his seventh week. This is because the activity of a puppy?s brain wave is almost the same to a grown-up dog where there is a sign of a capacity in learning multifaceted behaviors.

Proper training of a puppy entails proper preparation both from you and your pet puppy. You should begin with a proper mind set for you to be able to consider this extreme activity as a great training opportunity. Then, have your training gadgets like training tab, slip lead, light line, food rewards and chew toy prepared in case you need them when emergencies and problems come up.

Jed Quibir is an expert dog trainer and a writer of The-Dog-Training-Method.com.

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