The Age Of Your Dog Affects His Health

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The Age Of Your Dog Affects His Health

by Mandy Fain

Age is a problem when it comes to dog health, and there is no question about that. Really, there are no real answers as to how long a dog can live; it is said that smaller dogs live longer than the larger breeds, and that females live longer than their male counterparts. It is a known fact that inside dogs lives longer than outside dogs do, as well.

Are there scientific facts to back up all of that information? To some extent, but nothing firm on all points at least. Better medical care and more knowledgeable owners can all lead to longer, more fulfilled and happy lives for pets these days.

Is Your Dog Getting Old?

When it comes to a great deal of the physical makeup of the canine, they are quite similar to human beings. Just as whitening and thinning hair can indicate an older age in people, the same can be told from looking at the tresses of your best canine friend. You might even begin to see their whiskers whitening at first, and then white hair beginning to sprout on the nose and the rest of the body. When your dog is getting older, you might notice that they appear to be baggier, and their coat looks oilier. Some dogs even lose their sight as the color of their eyes begins to clear up. You will know if your dog is beginning to lose his hearing, as they will more and more often fail to return your call. Just because your dog is not eating does not mean their age is beginning to affect them, as that is something that doesn?t normally change much.

Taking Care of Your Dog During His Old Age

When your dog starts to get older, you will notice that the amount of energy he has is greatly lacking. He will probably be sleeping most of the day, and his activity level is bound to deplete. For this reason, as your dog is getting older it is important to watch for changes in their weight and adjust their diets accordingly; dogs that are not as active do not require as much food as dogs who are, and excess food can cause dangerous weight gain. Also, be sure to inspect your dog?s teeth for any problems that might affect his ability to eat and digest, as their food may have to be adjusted for this as well. After the age of nine human years old, your dog is at risk for regular heart problems so be sure not to over exercise dogs that are getting older. Tumors may develop as well, and the immune system is at an all time low during this time.

Care for your older dogs as you would care for any older people in your life. Dog health problems get a bit worse with age, so better care must be taken by you as the owner to ensure that your dog is as healthy as can be.

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