The Art of Choosing a Dogs Name

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The Art of Choosing a Dogs Name

by Eric Hartwell

Technically speaking, you may name your dog anything you wish to call him. However, there are actually bad names for dogs and these are the ones you want to avoid. So while there really is no definite formula in measuring the appropriateness of a dog?s name, here are some pointers to guide you in your name selection.

Pointers for dog name selection

First, think of a name that is easy to say or pronounce. If you end up choosing a name that you yourself can?t say properly, then how will your dog be able to understand you? Moreover, for practicality sakes it is best to give your dog a name you can easily repeat day in and day out. Also, in times of emergencies (heaven forbid) you may need to call on your dog and a difficult name to pronounce may actually be much harder to say in times of stress.

Second, stick to one name. There is no use giving your dog two or three names like you would give a child. Moreover, this will confuse your dog so stick to one that you and your dog can actually remember. You never know; you might end up being more confused with your dog?s name than your dog is with his name.

Third, avoid choosing names that are used for commands such as go, sit, stand, heel, jump, and the like. Training your dog to respond to such commands will be difficult if you name him after a command you expect your dog to follow.

Fourth, choosing a name which consists of one or two syllables is also recommended. This is easier understood by dogs so learning it will be also a breeze for your pet.

Fifth, don?t pick out a name which may have a negative meaning or implication. Saying the dog?s name which is negative in nature will most likely be said in a negative manner as well. Moreover, chances are you won?t be the only one calling your dog by his name so you might want to look for other alternatives. Names which are too embarrassing to say are also out of the question. Dogs are smart animals. You never know; they just might get a hint of the negative appeal of the name that you have chosen.

Finally, once you?ve decided on a name for your dog, you can?t really change it unless you want the dog to end up being confused. Once you have chosen a name and used it, stick to it or your dog may end up in the doggieland?s equivalent of a mental asylum.

With that said, let me say that you should find naming your dog fun. After all it is your companion and your best friend that you?re naming.

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