The Basic Principles of Dog Training

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The Basic Principles of Dog Training

by Jon Edings

Dog training is defined to be the method of teaching a dog to perform certain behaviors. There are many areas of dog training which can include obedience, agility, retrieving and hunting. The behaviors involved in each case are different but the underlying principle is similar. That principle is to have established a good relationship between the dog and the handler.

To be able to achieve success with the training, discussed below are some recommended principles to execute.

It is important to note that all dog training must be done to educate the dog by developing its instincts and drawing out accidental and acquired habits. The most important step to do to start dog training is the establishment of the bond to create a nice working relationship between the handler and the dog. The trainer must be patient with the dog. The situations must be understood from the dog?s abilities. For this reason, commands, the execution and the subsequent reward or punishment should all be made clear to the dog.

To avoid any confusion during the training, it is important that the dog is with the trainer a lot of the time in order to be familiar with the words, voice and actions of the trainer which will help in making the training easier. It is also important that only the trainer gives out the commands and that unnecessary fussing over the dog is avoided. This would prevent any confusion on the part of the dog with regards to which it should follow.

During dog training, the trainer must always anticipate the dog?s actions. Commands must be given before the dog acts. If the dog does something wrong, the step should not be repeated but rather return at the beginning because the dog must learn to consider only right actions in its entirety. The subsequent reward or punishment should follow quickly after the act in order to instill what is right and what is wrong. Also, dog training must always finish with a good note. At the very least, correcting a wrong behavior should be done.

The success of the dog training can be determined by both the dog and the handler. The success of the handler depends on the ability to make the dog understand what it needs to do instinctively while the success of the dog is when it has the ability to understand that a specific behavior will gain a specific act of completion.

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