The Benefits of a Dog Training School

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The Benefits of a Dog Training School

by Mylar Skye

Most people think that a good dog training school will teach your dog how to behave, but in reality these schools are teaching the owners how to handle their dogs correctly. Some schools offer live-in training and once the dog returns home, the owner will be expected to take over where the school left off. This means the owner will still need to learn basic tools needed to control their pet. Most schools will accept a dog for training once it reaches four months old. Owners who attend classes with their pets are more likely to continue training at home and often have a higher success rate.

Rewards are often used in dog training school. Sometimes a reward can be a treat for the dog while other schools may use affection as a reward. Whichever reward system your trainer uses with your dog, you should stick with this consistently to accomplish good training. Rewards are given as a positive reinforcement for good or correct behavior. If the rewards are changed, the dog can become confused and won't consistently behave the way you expect. Occasionally a trainer will use an object, just as a chew toy, to reinforce a dog?s good behavior. Dogs will often try to please their owner to receive time with their favorite chew toy.

A good dog training school will also teach you how to handle punishment if necessary. Punishment can be a simple, "No!" spoken in a sharp tone, or a sharp tug on a collar might work best. Follow your selected schools' disciplinary actions. All rewards and punishments should be given right away in order to be effective. Remember, consistency is the best rule when it comes to training your dog. A dog training school has a lot to offer, giving you the best guidance and instruction when training your dog.

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