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The Best Dog Guaranteed

by Eric Hartwell

All of us want to purchase the best there is, whether we are buying clothes, food and things for our home. This characteristic is innate in each and every person in the world. Handing out your hard-earned money virtually guarantees that you become as picky and as observant as your grandmother is when purchasing some items. What you chose should be the best in the whole store whether it is a piece of clothing or a household item and should never be defective in any way for you to finally purchase it.

But this is not the case when buying a dog from the pet shop. Purchasing the healthiest and best looking puppy in the pet store does not warrant that you purchased the best dog around. It is not enough that a puppy should be the healthiest and the best-looking among his peers. What really matters with buying a dog is how his breeder took care of him from his birth to the time you are there to buy him and bring him to your home.

How to Spot the Best Dog Breeder:

There are different kinds of breeders. Some are professionals in their field. Others just want to dispose the puppies from their home for lack of space or money to feed them. Other breeders are also just in it for the money. When buying a dog, you really have to give special attention to those who have taken care of them before you. This may very well help you avoid some problems on your dog later on.

The best dog breeder should have knowledge of the dogs he is selling. He should know specific details about the dog like what to feed the dog, how to take care of it and what health problems the dog may be at risk for. He should also know any genetic diseases the dog might have and should have knowledge of the temperament of the puppy which he has acquired from his parents. He should be able to provide some breeding records of the puppies he is intent on selling and should have veterinary records of the shots the dog has already obtained to keep it as healthy as possible. The dog breeder should supply you with the good and bad points of the dog breed you prefer. They should also offer good advices on how to deal with your puppies and how to keep them in good physical shape as well.

What to Avoid:

As much as possible, you should try to avoid buying puppies from backyard breeders and puppy mills. These establishments are known for not bringing their puppies to regular check-ups with the vet and may sell a puppy even without it undergoing any screening and training processes. If a dog breeder does now allow you to see where the puppy has lived before selling it to you, this is an indication that he might be a poor candidate for you to buy your puppy from.

Keep in mind that you have to scrutinize where you buy your puppy from. This way, you can guarantee that you have the best dog ever and you avoid any problems with your dog that might flabbergast you later on.

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