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The Best Dog For You And Your Family

by Eric Hartwell

Thoughts of having a pet dog may have crept into your head most especially if your kids have been constantly asking you to buy one for the family. Choosing a family dog would entail considering the decision of the entire family but we have to bear in mind that it is quite important to take into consideration several important aspects before we purchase any dog for that matter.

Different breeds have different needs. Different types of dogs require different training, exercise, diet and care. Take for example the Labrador breed. This type of dog is perfect for an active and outgoing family. Aside from being great around kids, it is also friendly with other dogs and other people as well. But sometimes these dogs can be too energetic that they knock down things inside the home which would definitely irritate someone who doesn?t understand their playful nature. In short, most dogs whose behavior can?t be tolerated by the owner end up in animal shelters.

Special considerations to ponder on?

The foremost consideration in buying any dog for that matter would be your budget. I?m talking here about your monetary budget, your time budget and the convenience that you would be requiring. How much are you willing to spend in acquiring a dog? Mixed breeds are cheaper compared to purebred dogs. You also have to consider other expenses which include food, vaccinations, supplements, fees for the vet, cleaning and grooming aids, and other miscellaneous expenses that may be incurred in relation to taking care of your pet.

The amount of time that you or other family members would get to spend with the dog should also be considered. You have to create a schedule for a dog?s regular walk and exercise. Some dogs require some personal play time with their masters especially if you choose the playful types. You also need to spend some time bathing them as well as keeping them well groomed. Time should also be spent training them for obedience.

You also have other factors to consider especially when choosing the size of the dog. If you have a big space where your dogs could run or play around in, opting for a big dog wouldn?t be a big problem. However if you live in an apartment with limited or cramped space, I don?t think a big dog would be ideal for you. You also have to think if what you want would be a playful dog for your kids or you want one for the purpose of guarding and protecting your home.

Choosing the right one

Research on the particular breeds that you think will suit you and your family?s needs and requirements. From there narrow down your choices and consult other family members as well. Each breed may possess different characteristics and personality so it is important that you get one that would definitely match with your family?s lifestyle. In this way you can be assured that your dog will fit comfortably as a new member of the family and that you wouldn?t make that much of an adjustment as well.

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