The Case Of The Disappearing Puppies From The Dog House Where Are They

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The Case Of The Disappearing Puppies From The Dog House Where Are They

by Suzanne Bean

In the dog house, on the dog bed were the Beagles that my husband (John) about 20 years ago used for hunting rabbits and for breading. They were all pure bread beagles and he trained them very well. John and his three kids would play with the dogs every day & then they would feed them, daily they had fresh water.

The one female that John had named Lucy was about four years old and had a litter of five puppies. John would feed and take care of all the animals at the house, which included horses, cows, sheep, cats, chickens and the dogs. He did these chores before going into work at the car plant on the afternoon shift. The last thing John would do before going into work is to check in the doghouse on Lucy and the puppies. His three kids were home at night to let the dogs out of the doghouse if need be and to watch the other animals.

John came home around 1:00 A.M. and one of the puppies was missing that night. In the morning, he asked the kids if they knew anything about the missing puppy and no one knew a thing. The pups were only three weeks old and were not old enough to take care of themselves? John checked the pen and doghouse there was no way they could have gotten out unless someone let them.

Therefore, the next day the same thing, John did his chores letting Lucy and the pups out to play while he was doing his work. The kids played with the puppies and then helped feed the animals and gave them fresh water like the one they always did. That night the children were up when their Father came home, they went running to him crying, ?Dad another puppy was missing.? Now we have two puppies missing and three left, what in the world is going on John wondered. He started thinking maybe a neighbor was taking the puppies and selling them; the pups did have good breading and were big for their age. All the neighbors knew that John worked afternoons.

The next night John thought he would be smart and asked the supervisor if he could take all his breaks at the end of the night. His boss did not have a problem with this so John came home early and brought out a flashlight to check on Lucy on the dog bed. He could not believe his eyes! There was one puppy with its head bitten off and Lucy was eating the remains of the puppy. John grabbed the dead puppy out of the doghouse to bury, took the other two puppies into the house, and put them into a round dog bed for the night.

In the morning, Lucy and John went to the Vet?s office, which the Vet proceeded to tell John that dogs sometimes need raw meat and Lucy was lacking this in her diet. The Vet also said to give Lucy raw liver or meat and that should help her. So from then on, if any of our dogs had puppies they also got raw liver before giving birth and we never have had a problem since that one incident with Lucy.

Hope you have learned something from this article so you do not have to learn the hard way as we did. We always make sure that all are dogs have DOG BEDS or DOG HOUSES to help keep them feeling secure and comfortable and they have their own space.

Suzanne Bean: Home based business owner of BeansDogBeds opened in 06 selling quality Dog beds. Selling dog beds, orthopedic dog beds, indoor & outdoor dog beds. I live on a farm with 60+ animals; our company will keep cost down on the dog beds we know the expense of raising pets. I have been living on a farm for 17 years and when I was younger, my friend and I showed Dobermans at different dog shows. My husband has had animals all his life, he does farming, horseback riding, horse shoeing, training dogs to hunt rabbits and for pets. We both have three children each two boys and one girl, six kids combined & eight grandchildren.

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