The Dangers of Hyperthermia for Dogs

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The Dangers of Hyperthermia for Dogs

by Grant Carroll

Some may think that winter is the only time of year that weather can be dangerous for dogs. However, the fact is that hyperthermia can kill just as easily as hypothermia can. The ancient Egyptians believed that during the hottest days of summer, dogs were possessed by evil spirits that made them foam at the mouth and search madly for water. Today we know that they were just overheating and dehydrated. Dogs don?t sweat like we do; they expel heat through panting. This panting does cause them to lose water, though, which makes summer a deadly time for many dogs.

It?s important to keep your dog cool this summer, so be sure to take the proper precautions. Most importantly, have plenty of clean, cool water where they can easily get it. Keep them indoors during the hottest time of day (11am-4pm) or at least make sure they have plenty of shade. Those most susceptible to hyperthermia are short-nose dogs, puppies and older dogs. Also, be sure to never exercise your dog during the heat of the day.

If your dog has to be outside, try a cooling pack against his/her belly. They?ll appreciate how good it feels and you won?t have to worry about them overheating.

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