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The Dog Health In Older Problem Dogs

by Judy Wellsworth

The rule of thumb is that smaller dogs live longer than larger dogs. This I know is not always the truth. I had a male German shepherd who lived to be sixteen years old and a Cocker Spaniel that lived to be sixteen and a half before she died when hit by a car after jumping the gate. Therefore, as you see the age of the dog does not always mean they will have poor health at a certain age. Dogs live long and healthy lives when they are well cared for and loved by you the owner and companion. The statement females live longer than a male was proven wrong with my dogs as well.

Signs of Dog Health in Older Problem Dogs

Some dogs show no signs of old age, while others may show signs early. The proper care and proper vet care along with love and exercise will help a dog live a healthy and normal life without signs of old age up to the day they leave you. White muzzles usually indicate aging in dogs, but this does not mean they are not youthful. Even older dogs will continue to act like a puppy.

Every dog owner can tell a different story about how to tell a dog is aging, and not one will sound the same. No one thing except for the white on the muzzle will match your neighbor?s dog or anyone else?s. Some dog?s go blind, go deaf and lose control of his or her bladder, but this does not happen to every dog. Some older dogs lose the elasticity in their skin and will have a grease look as they become older.

Care of Dog Health in Older Problem Dogs

If you have a dog that shows signs of old age you need to know how to care for the dog to make life more comfortable. When activity lessens, less food intake and water intake prevents overweight and bladder control problems. Dogs may lose some teeth requiring you to soften their food or change to a soft dog food so they can maintain good health.

Some dogs will experience kidney failure, heart attack and some more serious complications of infections or diseases. The immune system seems to break down as the dog ages. The risk of catching a cold or another type of health disease rises in an older dog because of the immune system. As everyone realizes, a healthy and happy dog may remain entirely healthy without any problems when provided care and regular check ups from the vet.

As with older people who like walking to stay young and flexible, so does the dog. The quality of life makes a dog live a long and happy life. Even the shortest walk or jaunt to the beach will keep Fido in shape throughout his or her life. Grooming and nutrition play a big role in the health of your dog, therefore, the best for dog might cost a little more. However, the love and companionship is well worth the expense.

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