The Downside of Dog Clothing

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The Downside of Dog Clothing

by Grant Carroll

I love dog clothes. Let me just establish that fact before going any further. I think they can fulfill a need and be completely fun and frivolous at the same time. However, there are times when dog clothing is misused, and this can be bad for the pup. Like anything in life, buying your dog apparel requires a measure of responsibility and restraint.

The main problem with dog owners today is that we humanize our pets too much, and this actually leads to a different form of abuse. I love treating my three Chihuahuas like they?re little people, and in a way they are, but I?ve learned to recognize that they are instinctual animals before they are members of my family. This means they have animal needs that I have to fulfill or else they?ll have problems in life. I?ve said it before and I?ll say it again, dogs need to be dogs. Even though we bred them into existence, domesticated canines have the same drive that their wild wolf ancestors had. They thrive on interacting in a pack setting. Many dogs, though, (especially small ones) spend a majority of their time as an accessory in a handbag. They?re decked out in clothing and jewelry, often coordinating with their owner, but they rarely get walked and don?t really get to play. This can lead to some strange and frustrating ways of a dog acting out. The part that dog clothing plays in this picture is that of the overdone ?pampering?. Many dogs do love getting dressed, and they are pampered in this way. However, there can be overkill on the part of the owner. We have no fur and therefore must wear clothing most of the time to stay warm. This is not the case for most dogs. Small and short haired breeds (or in the case of the Chinese Crested ? bald breeds) do need apparel at certain times to keep warm, but never to the same extent we need it. The main point is, it?s okay to have fun with dog clothes, but don?t go too far. Don?t make your dog wear clothing in the heat of summer or in a super heated house just because they look so cute in it. Also, make getting dressed worth something to the dog and reward and praise them any time they don an outfit. It doesn?t take a dog whisperer to know that they?ll love that.

Grant Carroll is a proud father of four dogs and co-owner of with Dog Sweaters perfect for the holiday season.

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